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Arasgain Typeface

calligraphy, Illustrator, Photoshop, Fontlab, animation, After Effects, lasercutting, hand printing

Arasgain is an original typeface inspired by a calligraphy workshop. Upper and lower case glyphs, numeric and special characters were developed, manipulated in Adobe Illustrator and generated into a font using FontLab. The final typeface was then displayed in custom, hand made and digital posters.

This project was in collaboration with another lovely designer, Caitlin McGowan, in response to an assessment. Visit our Tumblr to view more details into our design process.




Marbling techniques were used to make the background of the hand made poster and a stamp of “Arasgain” was cut out of MDF with a laser cutter to create the copper print.



We wanted to create a medieval style map to display the typeface digitally. The illustrations were painted in watercolour and scanned into Photoshop.