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XPOSURE Magazine

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, creative writing, digital & print design and publication, graphic design

This magazine venture was a collaborative effort with three divine designers. Our editorial design skills were put into practice and it was a whole lot of fun! Below are just of some of the layouts I designed.

It was part of a typography assessment that required us to produce a magazine based around design. We decided to create a piece that would be beneficial to the design community by acting as a bridging tool for student designers to industry, as well as a platform to display our own work. We included tips for getting work out into the world, book reviews, interviews with recently graduated designers and resources for students and professionals. Although it was not necessary, we decided to write all our own articles so we could gain exposure for our own work and distribute the magazine around Brisbane city.

Progress & future issues – XPOSURE Facebook.
Complete project, full articles and contents – Behance.
Detailed process stages – Behance project.
Project contributors: Gus Bellekens, Sean Davidson & Caitlin McGowan